At long last, it is here! After months of planning and hours of dedicated co-ordination, our new-look website is here.


It was totally re-developed with a “new look” and relevant, user friendly information

Our newly designed website leaves the first-time visitor with various impressions- style, dynamism, professionalism…the list continues.


Together with LA Health, a strategic partner of long standing we have created a new-look electronic image for the trade union of choice in local government.


Matters that are relevant to the workplace, our member’s personal finance and how IMATU operates for the benefit of our members will be regularly posted.


We have even provided for a blog where regular discussions on a variety of subjects will take place as well as a poll section where you can express your likes or dislikes on various subjects.


Once a subject appears on the blog, you are welcome to mail your response to us (sylvia@imatu.co.za). This will be published and (hopefully) stimulate positive debate!


The website was designed with ease of use as first option. All icons lead directly to the relevant documents or links.  Through links from the website, you can access the sites of the SALGBC, Salga, and various Seta’s, IMATU’s facebook page and the homepages of government departments.


Our latest documents section usually contains documents which were in demand lately. Other documents (i.e. collective agreements and acts of Parliament) can be accessed through the various links icons.


New members have direct access to a downloadable application form and the contact particulars of their Regions. 

A gallery with photographs from the latest memorable occasion involving IMATU will also be updated regularly.


We hope that you will visit our site regularly and use the site to communicate effectively and comprehensively with the members and officials of the trade union of choice in local government- IMATU.


IMATU – working together for you.

IMATU – the trade union of choice for local government.