We all remember when Mr Trevor Manuel, former Minister of Finance introduced his “Tips for Trevor” campaign.

You could-anonymously, if you wish- contact his office submitting any relevant “tip” for him to consider before he finalised his budget. Usually, in his budget speech he referred to the most valuable and the most anecdotal “tip”.

Some of the “tips” were introduced in the management of the ministry to become-arguably- the best Finance ministry in post-apartheid South Africa.

This seemingly insignificant invitation to participate in the management of the office of the man, who carried the country’s purse for some time, resulted in ordinary citizens- Joe Soap and Jane Doe- to feel that they “belong to”. Their submissions suggested that they were able to contribute to important considerations in the management of our country with plenty positive results.

We thought that it was a good idea to introduce the same initiative through this website, by asking you to participate and contribute to make IMATU even better.

Enter “Hints for Head office”.

This is how it will work:

  • You send an e-mail (anonymously if you wish!) to with “hints for head office” in the subject line
  • We capture the mail and refer it to the relevant IMATU department, National Manager or Region for their response in co-ordination with the office of the General Secretary
  • Your hints are collaborated in sections of relevance- i.e. if you submit a hint for matters that relate to your conditions of service, the Labour Relations division receives it. If it is a hint on the national budget of IMATU, it is referred to the Finance Department
  • These hints are scrutinized and follow-ups with the originator may take place
  • If it makes a positive contribution to the world in which IMATU operates, we will tell you so and publish the result on this website.


  • As with every other format of public communication, certain rules will apply; no remarks hidden in “hints” that are derogatory or intended to discriminate referring to a person’s race/sex/ethnicity/age/disability/ religion/culture/language will even be considered- they go straight to the “recycle bin”
  • The privacy rules and terms of conditions that regulate the use of this website, will be applied strictly-please read it
  • The Constitutional rights and privileges of members of IMATU will be protected at all times-that refers to the IMATU Constitution and the Constitution of the RSA.

“Hints” may refer to any operational matter of IMATU or municipality- i.e. if you have a better idea how to collect refuse; we may forward that to the municipality, if you have an idea how to have a better Regional committee meeting or ideas on how to improve LLF meetings, send it to us.

If you have hints for the Minister of Co-operative Governenance and Traditional Affairs on service delivery, these hints may also be submitted to us for consideration and further action.

The list is endless- as long as you keep to the basic rules of dignified communication, your hints may just be the catalyst that IMATU needs to better its service to our members, with an obvious spin-off on service delivery to our community.

So get “hinting”…