Newsflash – Exemption Application from Salary and Wage Agreement

We refer to our previous circular in the above-mentioned matter. We again attach it for ease of reference.

The City has in the meantime formally filed its application for exemption from its obligation to implement the provisions applicable to the first year of the salary and wage collective agreement.

IMATU has secured the services of a senior legal practitioner to represent IMATU in the opposition of the City’s application before the SALGBC exemption Committee.

The City will be obliged to formally prove that it cannot afford to implement the agreement (one which we perceive as very fair in terms of salary increases).

Members are advised that the exemption application applies only to the agreed increase in year one of the wage agreement and does not affect any other benefits such as the annual bonus. Any attempts by the employer to deprive our members of their benefits will be vehemently opposed by IMATU.

We are very disappointed in the approach taken by the City to apply for exemption in these difficult times. The employer sends a clear message to employees that their commitment to service during the Covid-19 pandemic is not appreciated. As indicated in our earlier communication, we remain of the view that the decision is entirely politically motivated.

Both IMATU and the other union are bound by the terms of the wage agreement and the agreement does contain a clause that allows a party to apply for exemption. The only remedy to address such an application is to oppose it, which we have undertaken to do. It is unfortunate that the determination of the exemption application may take some time to be finalised. However, should the City’s application be dismissed, increases will be backdated.

It has also come to our attention that possible strike action is considered by the other union. Please note that IMATU has not taken such decision as we are focusing on successfully opposing the application without having our members sacrifice salaries by participating in a strike where no work, no pay applies.

Any attempts to intimidate our members, should the other union embark on strike action, should be reported to Management and this office immediately.