imatuDuring its National Executive Council (NEC) meeting, held this week in Pretoria, the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) reaffirmed the union’s commitment to remain politically independent.

IMATU’s NEC representatives are elected by the union’s regional structures and are responsible for providing strong leadership and guiding the union through South Africa’s often challenging socio-political landscape.

“IMATU has always believed that a politically independent union it best placed to serve its members. At our recent NEC meeting, the leadership of IMATU strongly reaffirmed this position. While it often appears that our members would receive preferential treatment if IMATU was aligned to a political entity, these short term gains could ultimately hinder our ability to provide an impartial and fair service to our members. The well-being of IMATU members cannot be compromised by political interference or favour,” explained IMATU President, Stanley Khoza.

IMATU remains committed to worker-based issues such as the protection of municipal workers’ rights, fair wage negotiations, the upholding of basic conditions of service in the local government sector, equality in the work place and promoting a sustainable local government through social transformation.