acceptsThe Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) has, in principle, accepted the Facilitator’s Proposal on the Wage Curve Dispute. The union’s National Executive Council ratified this decision today at their structural meeting after receiving a mandate to do so from IMATU’s Regional structures and members.

“It is important for members to note that the Facilitator’s Proposal can be accepted or rejected by any party. In other words, IMATU, SAMWU and SALGA all have to agree to the Facilitator’s Proposal on 16 May 2013 in order for it to be implemented,” explained Deputy General Secretary, Craig Adams.

If the Facilitator’s Proposal is accepted by all parties, IMATU members will benefit in the following ways: Firstly, members will retain their current salary position pending the negotiation and introduction of a new wage curve. This means that members will keep their current salary notch, however, they will continue to receive their annual cost of living salary increases and, if they qualify for it, their annual notch increases.

Secondly, members will receive a once off 14th cheque from their employers. And finally, IMATU and SALGA will return to the negotiating table to develop a new wage curve.

If the Facilitator’s Proposal is not accepted, the matter will then continue in the Labour Appeal Court. IMATU has won the Wage Curve dispute in the Labour Court, but SALGA is appealing against the judgment.

“IMATU will always strive to achieve the best outcome for all its members. In this case we believe that a swift resolution to this drawn out dispute is long overdue,” stated Deputy General Secretary, Craig Adams.

IMATU members will be kept informed on all new developments.