attension_city_of_ct_employees_augThe Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) strongly opposes any restructuring processes in the City of Cape Town that will lead to job losses and the depletion of much needed skills.

The City of Cape Town has a staff complement of just over 26 000 employees and this Metro is responsible for delivering services to 3.7 million residents. Despite 66% of people from employment equity target groups being employed in the three highest levels of management, the City has given notice to 311 managerial personal that they face possible retrenchment in the foreseeable future.

“After our members received notification of the City’s restructuring suggestion, we immediately contacted the relevant officials and requested an urgent meeting to discuss the proposed changes, with the aim of preventing job losses, retaining core skills and ensuring that service delivery will not be compromised in the process. To this end, IMATU will be approaching the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA) to avail a senior commissioner to oversee this process,” stated Etienne Bruwer, Cape Town Regional Manager.
IMATU believes that the Municipality must carefully consider the needs of Cape Town’s citizens and act with great care to ensure that service delivery is not disrupted and that further plans for development are carried out speedily and effectively.

“We are seriously concerned by the City of Cape Town’s cavalier approach to restructuring, prior to the appointment of the Municipal Manager and his/her Executive Directors. Not only is this action premature, but it has created alarm, instability and will undoubtedly affect staff morale. This irresponsible move by the City of Cape Town could have devastating consequences on service delivery and could result in a large-scale loss of critical skills that have enabled the city to grow and develop thus far. IMATU has called on the city to halt the filling of any further managerial posts pending a proper consultation around these critical issues. IMATU is willing and able to meet with officials from the City of Cape Town to discuss their current proposals however, we will use whatever means are necessary to ensure that the needs of citizens and the interests of its employees are protected,” concluded Bruwer.