Athol-Trollip1The Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) will be able to formally congratulate newly elected Nelson Mandela Bay Mayor, Mr Athol Trollip, in a meeting between the mayor and the union, scheduled for later this afternoon.

“IMATU will be attending an introductory meeting with the Mayor this afternoon however, we are confident that follow up meetings will be scheduled in the near future to discuss the new administration’s strategic objectives. It is no secret that the Municipality is facing huge administrative challenges and is failing to effectively deliver basic services to some communities. The appointment of a new mayor must bring systemic change if the Municipality wishes to correct its current failings in the long-term, commented Cathi Botes, IMATU Eastern Cape Regional Manager.

As an independent trade union organising in the local government sector, IMATU is less concerned with which individual or political party is elected and more concerned with the implementation of good governance, eradication of corruption, sustainable development and the creation of a stable environment for municipal employees.

“We welcome Mr Trollip’s appointment and his commitment to job creation, improved service delivery and economic growth. IMATU believes that in order to effect positive change, the newly appointed Mayor will need to provide decisive leadership, address dysfunctional aspects of the administration, fill vacancies and ensure that adequate vetting and verifying of qualifications takes place, prior to the appointment of new officials. We have also been concerned with the advertising of positions and roll out of the new Metro Police Service and believe that the protracted job evaluation process should be finalised as soon as possible,” she said.

IMATU would also like to see a concerted effort from Municipal Management to negotiate uniform conditions of service and upskill current municipal employees instead of continuing the growing trend of outsourcing services.

“Our members are directly affected by the decisions and actions taken by the Mayor and his senior management team. IMATU is committed to achieving social transformation through a sustainable local government however, the commitment of our members on the ground must be matched by decisive implementation and political will at the top,” concluded Botes.