Housing Allowance Dispute (Update 4/2014)

housing_allowanceThis in an update on the current status of the national housing allowance dispute.

All dispute referral papers in the housing allowance dispute have been filed and we are now proceeding with preparations for the interest arbitration which is likely to be scheduled for hearing by the SALGBC around October / November this year (this is only an estimate and not a guarantee).

We are currently in the process of gathering all the documentary evidence and preparing our witnesses for the case. Please note that interest arbitrations are, by their nature, fairly complex and require extensive preparation in order to be successful. To this end we have secured the services of well-known economist Mr Dick Forslund to act as our expert witness in order to set out the economic basis for our demand for an increase in the housing allowance.

Please note that it is only IMATU that is proceeding with the matter to arbitration.

As previously reported, SALGA has launched a review application in the Labour Court, challenging the validity of the certificate of non-resolution previously issued by the conciliator in this matter. IMATU is opposing this review application. We have also indicated to the SALGBC that, as far as we are concerned, SALGA’s review application is without merit and we will proceed with the arbitration regardless. Any attempts by SALGA to delay or otherwise obstruct the arbitration process will be opposed by IMATU.

Regions will be informed once a set down date for the arbitration is received from the SALGBC.

We have also been informed that many of our members have requested that we also investigate the possibility of getting a national rental allowance implemented in all municipalities. Please note that we are looking into the matter and we will update our members once we have finalised a viable strategy in this regard.