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Fixed Term Contract Dispute (Update 2/2014)

cancel contractThis in an update on the current status of the national fixed term contract dispute.

As we previously reported, SALGA was served with a formal demand to implement last year’s Labour Court judgement which compels municipalities (other than City of Johannesburg and the City of Cape Town) to appoint all employees (other than section 57 employees) on a permanent basis and on the same salary and conditions of service of permanent employees due to a 2006 settlement agreement obtained by IMATU.

SALGA did not respond to our demands and subsequently SALGA has been served with a notification that it is now in wilful default of the Labour Court judgement and that we are proceeding with an application for contempt of court.

In the meantime, all IMATU Regions have been advised to use the settlement agreement to prevent fixed term contract employees from being dismissed by not having their contracts renewed and to take on claims of fixed term contract employees who are seeking to be permanently employed. SALGA did not appeal the Labour Court Judgement and it is therefore bound by it.

If you are employed as a fixed term contract employee, please contact your Regional Office for assistance in this regard. The Regional Office can assess your case and see if you qualify for permanent employment or a renewal of your fixed term contract.

Please note that it is only IMATU that is taking up the fight to eradicate this scourge of temporary employment from the local government sector and therefore only IMATU members can benefit from our efforts in this regard.