The SALGBC parties have met on 9 May 2024 and have agreed on the following collective bargaining programme for the 2024/2025 salary and wage negotiations.

The SALGBC parties have agreed that wage negotiations will be conducted under the auspices of two facilitators i.e. a principal facilitator and a secondary / support facilitator. The facilitators that have been appointed are Ms Duduzile Madubanya and Adv Lucas Mabusela.

The reason for the appointment of two facilitators is due to the fact that this year’s wage negotiations are expected to be extraordinarily difficult, requiring the assistance of an additional facilitator.

IMATU has submitted wage proposals on 31 January 2024. SALGA’s counter proposals are outstanding, at this stage.

SALGA has indicated that they will only be able to commence their mandating process after the national elections, scheduled for 29 May 2024, have been concluded. This is due to a number of their mandating principals being involved in the electioneering programme of their respective political parties. SALGA has stated that they will require a period of six weeks, after the national elections, to complete their mandating process.

Accordingly, SALGA will submit their counter-proposals by 15 July 2024.

In order to make up for lost time, due to SALGA’s late submission of counter-proposals, IMATU has insisted that wage negotiations must be conducted in terms of a more compressed and expedited time-table.

Accordingly, the parties have agreed to forego the usual 5-round negotiations time-table that have in the past, taken place over several months. Negotiations will now take place in terms of 3-round time-table scheduled over a period of one month.

The time-table for wage negotiations will therefore be as follows:

The dispute resolution process is an optional round, which is reserved in the event that the facilitator’s proposal is not accepted. This will mean that a deadlock must be declared and a dispute must be referred to the SALGBC for conciliation. The parties have agreed on a shorter period (7-days) notice for a conciliation process to be convened.

Members will be advised of any further developments.