Update on Salary and Wage Negotiations

The second round of the conciliation process was held on 2-3 August 2021 before commissioner Mr H Ndaba.

The Conciliator met with each party privately to discuss possible settlement proposals. On the first day, the trade unions developed and consolidated their settlement proposals and submitted the same to SALGA for consideration. SALGA in turn submitted their response and counter-proposals on the second day.

Much progress was made on the second day as the trade unions and SALGA moved closer to a possible settlement.

Since the parties made a lot of progress, the conciliator proposed that the conciliation be extended. The conciliator also undertook to submit a progress report on the negotiations to the SALGBC.

The conciliation is therefore extended and will be reconvened on 16-17 August 2021.

All efforts are being made to bring the negotiations to finalisation.

This is a preliminary update. A more comprehensive circular will follow once we have received the conciliator’s report.

Members will be notified of further developments.