What are you thinking ahead of President Jacob Zuma’s second State of the Nation address on Thursday?

We picked up some comments raised in the media about what citizens are expecting from the President this year.

Dennis from the Western Cape says:

Well if he was indeed going to address the ACTUAL state of the nation it would take a broadcast of marathon proportions. Just to chronicle the collapse of municipalities, the billing crisis, failing education, the lack of planning at Eskom, the corruption and ANC meddling at the SABC, the dysfunctional SAPS, the water crisis across the nation, the staggering murder rate of farmers, the complete disarray of the SANDF and the South African Air force, the lack of proper border patrols, the continuing inefficiency of Internal Affairs, the abject failure of BEE, the downward spiral of healthcare, the upward spiral of crime, the destruction of the rail system, the ongoing implementation of stealth taxes, the growing corruption within the ANC, which are all really just the tip of the iceberg, The President’s address would have to last for several days.

Mandla from Gauteng says:

Zuma should be brave and swallow the bitter pill. The country is in a mess and I am not a DA sympathizer or any other party which is concerned about the state of our country. I am concerned as a loyal citizen with a dream to see this country prosper. The dawning of democracy meant an improvement in the lives of the majority of the people in this country. We are yet to see this upliftment, as we continue to die in shack fires, shacks which have also increased in number since the birth of democracy. Where are the RDP houses? Service delivery in all municipality institutes is a nightmare, can’t get drivers license appointments have to queue for months. We even fear going to hospitals, we now seek the services of midwives to assist with births, how many babies die from state hospitals due to negligence? Please do something about the taxis, the police have failed these drivers put the lives of their customers at risk from the time they embark on these mobile coffins. I have no problem with the taxi industry as it contributes to the economy by providing a vital service to the work force, but it should operate within the traffic laws. SABC should justify why they want us to pay for TV licenses when they fail to keep us entertained. We are not retards to be fed the same films that we have been watching since the introduction of broadcasting here back in 1975. Zuma get your machine gun and fire all those who think appointments to cabinet posts and other senior positions are a quick fix to getting themselves rich. We want to see value added into the lives of the ordninary people who vote the ANC into power, We want to be proud of Mzansi. We want to be able to say Joburg a truely world class city without shame, right now we are not. All this can be put right by you our President JZ, long live, AMANDLA

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