With the recent radical increase by other municipal unions of their subscriptions, IMATU is calling on all employees of local government to become members of our dynamic and professional trade union.

Have you asked yourself the following questions;

  • Why do the members of IMATU act and look so self-assured in the workplace?
  • What is it that IMATU has and which I am so desperately missing with my current union?
  • Why do I feel deserted by my current union’s representatives?
  • Why do IMATU’s members have crucial workplace information long before the employer and my current union does?
  • Why am I being threatened over my political affiliation when I discuss workplace matters with my current union’s shop stewards?
  • Why did I not complete the IMATU membership form last month?
  • Why did some municipal unions increase its subscription by more than 30% recently? 

Perhaps you are one of those employees who still roam the employment wilderness and believe that trade union membership of IMATU is a waste of money?

IMATU has been a household name in the South African local government industry and in the trade union environment since 1996 and we have established a legacy to be proud of.

Some 70 000 members of IMATU, employed by local government have reaped individual and collective benefits that has changed their workplace increasingly for the better.

Each member of IMATU enjoys the protection that the South African Constitution provides, with specific reference to the right to fair labour practices the right to freedom of political association and the right to join a trade union, such as IMATU.

IMATU is managed by a group of dynamic, loyal and skilled shop stewards and staff.

We call on you- make the shift!

Come see it for yourself.

Join the union that offers a home for all this beautiful country’s rainbow people.

Join IMATU today- the union of choice in local government!