The leadership of IMATU and SAMWU met on 5 August 2011 to discuss the ongoing wage dispute with SALGA and its 283 constituent municipalities.

The wage dispute deadlocked on 2 August 2011 when the trade unions and the employer rejected a settlement proposal made by the conciliator.

IMATU’s leadership is currently in consultation with its membership, Regional and National structures to determine the way forward.

“At this stage a strike cannot be ruled out”, said IMATU’s General Secretary, Johan Koen.

“IMATU does not take decisions to strike lightly”, said IMATU’s President, Stanley Khoza.  Khoza re-iterated that a final decision on IMATU’s intended action will be taken during the next few days.

SALGA is offering an across the board increase of 6,08%.  “This offer is seen as an insult to workers, considering wage settlements reached in other sectors and the increases in the price of electricity, fuel, etc”, said Koen.