The Local Government elections were conducted successfully and fairly and IMATU wishes to thank all Mayors, Mayoral Committees, and Councillors for their service to communities during the past term of office.

We realise that the public call on service delivery has never been as urgent as it is now.

IMATU is not a neutral observer in the quest for improved service delivery to all levels of the community. In complex, plural societies such as ours, political rhetoric has to make way for performance in local government service delivery.

IMATU committed itself and its members to co-operative local government as a co-signatory to the Department of Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs’ (CGTA) “stakeholder declaration”.

With the tabling of the amendments to the Municipal Systems Bill in March 2011, the Department has nailed its colours to the mast demanding more professionalism from municipalities, deepened accountability, and commitment to obligations from senior officials and Councillors.  Key role players in the community such as IMATU will demand compliance from the elective.

“We call on all elected councillors and mayors to extend the fight against eradication and removal of corrupt employees and councillors. We pledge our support to government to permanently clean up municipalities from nepotism, corruption, and fraud. We are ready to join hands with the Minister, Councillors and employees of municipalities to ensure social transformation through sustainable Local Government “, says IMATU’s National President Mr. Stanley Khoza.

IMATU’s General Secretary, Mr. Johan Koen, joins IMATU’s National President in thanking candidates of all the political parties who participated fairly in the local government elections.

“We support our federation Fedusa in congratulating the IEC for their careful planning and efficient service. IEC officials, staff and volunteers should be commended for their swift counting, capturing and validating of ballot results. Now that voters have made their mark, political parties and municipal councillors will need to start delivering on the promises they made during their election campaigns,” said Koen on Friday at IMATU’s National Office.