The Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) is elated with its victory today over the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) regarding the parties dispute over the 2010 Wage Curve Collective Agreement.

“This latest ruling confirms that IMATU’s version and application of the Wage Curve Agreement is the correct one. The full implications of the ruling will only be evident in its entirety once the full judgement is handed down on Tuesday, 26 June 2012, however IMATU can confidently say that the judgement means that salary scales in the wage curve should have increased by 8.48% on 01 July 2010. This in effect means that a large number of employees will have to have their salaries adjusted and backdated to the 01 July 2010,” explained IMATU Deputy General Secretary, Craig Adams.

A wage curve regulates the salary scales for all local government employees. In 2010 IMATU initiated court proceedings against SALGA asking the Court to rectify the 2010 Wage Curve Agreement as it did not accurately reflect what the parties had originally agreed to. Judgement handed down today in the Labour Court rectifies the Wage Curve Agreement in the manner IMATU requested. IMATU contended that the salary scales in the wage curve should have been increased as of 2010, whereas SALGA contended that this increase should only have taken effect as from 2011.

“IMATU is very pleased with the outcome, not only did the Judge rule in IMATU’s favour but we were also awarded costs and SALGA will have to pay the costs of two counsel,” stated Adams.

 IMATU will provide further comment after studying the full judgement next Tuesday, 26 June 2012.