sandla_healing_centre Staff members from the Mpumalanga Regional Office recently visited the Sandla Healing Centre in the Sizani Village in Clau-Clau, just outside Mbombela.

The Centre is run by Pastor Frans Shongwe and his wife Dumisile. The Centre started as a feeding project in 2007 for a single child, but had to quickly grow to accommodate the increasing number of children in need – presently standing in excess of 100. Despite the assistance of 6 volunteers, the centre is still in need of many basic requirements in order to provide a safe and effective learning environment. The children largely consist of orphans, children from single-parent families and other vulnerable circumstances.

As people will know, water scarcity is a serious challenge in the area and it is here that IMATU believed it could make a real difference. The Mpumalanga Region donated a 5000 litre JoJo tank to the Centre to ensure optimum water storage and use. The Region will continue to support the Centre, with the objective to assist in the provision of all basic requirements needed by the children