operation_hydrate_logoAll South Africans have been affected by water shortages as a result of the worst drought our country has experienced since 1982. Despite improved rainfall in some areas, more than 2.7 million households are still facing water shortages with the KwaZulu Natal and Free State Provinces being the worst affected.

Our Regions saw the effects water shortages and restrictions are having on their communities and wanted to get involved. Together we raised R45 000 in support of water relief efforts. The collected money was channelled through the community organisation, Operation Hydrate, which facilitates the logistics around the collection and transportation of water to water scare communities all across South Africa.

Since its launch, Operation Hydrate has distributed more than 12 million litres of water to severely affected areas and is now focusing on sustainable water relief initiatives. Water scarcity affects not only the agriculture sector, but every part of human life. It is time to start developing long-term and sustainable solutions to address water scarcity.

At a national level, IMATU is supporting water relief initiatives but we also encourage our members to use water sparingly and start changing our daily water consumption habits. IMATU’s donation will be used towards the organisation’s transport and distribution costs as well as the sinking of new boreholes. Access to borehole water will lessen much of the immediate need and provide a sustainable water source for communities in the future.

To read more about Operation Hydrate and the work this organisation is doing visit their website or follow updates on their social networking pages or