In September 2016, the Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) strongly opposed a restructuring process in the City of Cape Town that would have led to job losses and the depletion of much needed skills. Extensive negotiations between the parties resulted in an agreed way forward and the prevention of job losses.

Following the announcement by the City of Cape Town in March this year that it intended to proceed with the restructuring of its management core, IMATU has actively engaged with the City to ensure that this process did not negatively affect any members.

“Through open engagement with the City, we are happy to report that we have been able to protect the interests of all workers. Phase II of the restructuring involves 1 268 managerial staff. IMATU has concluded a Memorandum of Understanding with the City, ensuring that all affected members who have been categorised as being in ‘major changed’ or ‘abolished’ posts, will retain their jobs, their salary and benefits remain unchanged and we have minimised any other foreseeable impacts that may negatively affect workers,” explained Etienne Bruwer, IMATU Cape Town Regional Manager.

IMATU has received assurances from the City of Cape Town that this is the final phase of restructuring.

“During a restructuring process, uncertainty is generated, leading to a great deal of anxiety amongst members. Through a thorough consultation process with our affected members and committed engagement with the City, we have ensured the best possible outcome”, concluded Bruwer.