wage curve dispute


wage curve disputeThe Independent Municipal and Allied Trade Union (IMATU) has moved to clarify recent confusion surrounding the Wage Curve Dispute Judgement and the issue of a once off 14th cheque or gratuity payment within the local government sector.

In 2010 IMATU initiated court proceedings against SALGA asking the Court to rectify the 2010 Wage Curve Agreement as it did not accurately reflect what the parties had originally agreed to, and salary scales should be increased by 8.48% with effect from July 2010.

The Wage Curve dispute was heard in the Labour Appeal Court on 20 August 2013 before a full bench, including the Judge President of the Labour Appeal Court. The Judgement is still awaited by all parties.

“The once off 14th cheque or gratuity payment was a proposal, made by a facilitator, during settlement talks last year as a possible way to end the dispute. However, SALGA could not obtain a mandate to settle and the matter proceeded to the Labour Appeal Court,” explained IMATU Deputy General Secretary, Craig Adams.

The Facilitator’s Proposal was never agreed to by all parties and therefore was not binding. IMATU has noted that some municipalities have opted to pay their employees a 14th cheque however, this is an individual decision which is not implemented across all municipalities. The Wage Curve Dispute is currently before the Labour Appeal Court and therefore any strike action regarding the implementation of a 14th cheque would be unprotected.

“The matter is now in the hands of the court. IMATU is urging its members to be patient and allow the law to take its course. Members will be kept informed of all new developments,” concluded Adams.