IMATU President, Stanley Khoza is currently attending the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) National Members Assembly (NMA) being held in Durban from 10 -12 December 2018.

IMATU believes that an event of this nature creates a necessary platform to identify the key challenges facing local government and collectively decide how the various stakeholders will effectively address these challenges.

“IMATU welcomes the President, Cyril Ramaphosa’s assertion that organised labour must be treated as an ally of the local government development agenda. Local government capacity must be improved, this can be achieved by attracting and retaining new skills as well as upskilling and further developing the current local government workforce. Local government employees must also be equipped with the necessary skills, tools and resources to do their work,” explained IMATU President, Stanley Khoza.

IMATU recently hosted its Mid-term Conference where the organisation took the opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate its achievements as well as take stock of what still needs to be achieved going forward.

“IMATU has seen increased and consistent growth in both membership and female representation on our elected structures. We recognised the need to actively empower our female members and provide the necessary support for them to assume their rightful voice in a workplace often dominated by men. We currently represent just under 100 000 members, with a 40% female representation target throughout our decision making structures,” he stated.

Similarly, IMATU believes that with decisive leadership, adequate planning, support and integration, municipalities can positively affect growth and development within our communities. and service delivery.

“While this conference will discuss some of the factors contributing to poor service delivery, the need for infrastructure maintenance and how we can create more jobs, it is important for all parties to acknowledge that we need to do better for our people. As our President correctly pointed out, when it comes to our country’s development, local government is the difference between failure and success,” concluded Khoza.