Congratulations to Marlene Le Grange – Celebrating 40 Years of Service with IMATU

The President, National Executive Council, General Secretary and staff of IMATU would like to congratulate Marlene with 40 years of dedicated service!!!  Well done with this outstanding achievement!!!

Marlene commenced employment on 1 August 1980, at our Port Elizabeth Office, as a Clerk in the Finance Department. On 25 November 1999 Marlene was promoted to the post of Administration Manager and thereafter to the post of Deputy Branch Manager (Finance and Administration) in 2001.

Her believe in self-development ensured that she, amongst others, completed a Certificate in Bookkeeping in 2002 and Practical Accounting in 2003. Marlene proved to be a huge asset in the Finance Department and she accepted the position of Manager: Finance and Administration in the Eastern Cape Region in 2004.

Perseverance and self-development are trademarks unique to Marlene as is evident in her work-life at IMATU, loyal service, attention to detail, commitment and work ethics.

We thank her for her loyal and efficient service and we are looking forward to her ongoing commitment to IMATU.

Marlene is indeed an inspiration to us all.

From the desk of Mr. Churchill Mothapo, Regional Manager Eastern Cape Region (2017 to current):

Marlene Le Grange started working for IMATU at the tender age of 20. She has lived and spent her entire adulthood working for IMATU as a dedicated, loyal, committed and trustworthy employee. She has been, and still is, the fountain of knowledge to all the past and present IMATU employees in the Region through her wealth of knowledge, experience and the institutional memory that she possesses.

Her immense knowledge and understanding of our processes and operations has helped in stabilising the Region’s Finance and Administration section. Not only is she seen as the Finance and Administration Manageress, but as the mother figure to some and a dear friend to others, to both members of staff and union membership alike.

Her completion of 40 years of service with IMATU in the month of August, which is the month dedicated to WOMEN, demonstrates that she is indeed “IMBOKODO” – the Rock.

From the desk of Ms. Cathi Botes, Regional Manager eThekwini Region (Cathi was Marlene’s Manager from 2007 to 2016):

It is an honour for this opportunity to appreciate Marlene’s remarkable career milestone of achieving 40 years of service in IMATU.

I was fortunate to work with Marlene for 9 of these years and her unwavering dedication, loyalty and commitment to the organisation, colleagues, and members was outstanding! Through the years, she consistently gave her best at all times and I will always remember Marlene for her good work ethic and being a good role model to all in IMATU.

From the desk of Mr. Rudy de Bruyn, Regional Manager Tshwane Region (Rudy was Marlene’s Manager from 1997 to 2007):

Ai Doortjie kan nie glo jy werk al veertig jaar vir IMATU nie. Ek was bevooreg om vir tien jaar saam met jou te kon werk toe die Oos Kaap Streekskantoor begin is. Saam het ons groot “challenges” gehad en oorkom om die “great” Oos Kaap Streek te vestig. Sonder jou sou die streek nie gewees het waar hy vandag is nie. Jy was en is nog steeds n “awesome” Finans Bestuurder en bate vir IMATU. Dit was n voorreg om saam met jou te kon werk. O ja en speel 😊. Mag jou volgende veertig  jaar by IMATU net so voorspoedig wees.