Benefits and Services

What is the benefit of joining IMATU?

IMATU is a young, vibrant and most progressive trade union operating in the municipal and allied sector of the South African workplace. As one of the fastest growing unions in the country, we represent members across all municipalities in South Africa, from the largest metropolitan city core to the rural “platteland” of the country. Wherever a local municipality or district municipality exists, you are bound to find a local branch of IMATU.

IMATU might be a young trade union (we were formed on 8 March 1996 at the inaugural congress in Bloemfontein), and anyone who lacks knowledge about the background of the formation of the union might be momentarily pardoned for thinking it lacks experience. Not so- the formation of the union “IMATU” stems from the amalgamation of The South African Association of Municipal Employees (SAAME), the Johannesburg Municipal Employees Association (JMEA), the National Union of Employees of Local Authorities (NUELA), the Durban Municipal Employees Association (DMES) and the South African Local Authorities and Allied Workers Union (SALAAWU).

IMATU shop stewards and staff are empowered and qualified to render service to our members on all aspects of administration, finance and the law of labour relations at the workplace. IMATU offers a home to all levels of employment and because we are not politically aligned to any party in South Africa, we can focus on the one central goal we have adopted in our dynamic, democratic constitution: excellence in service delivery to our members!


  • Negotiate wage/salary increases.
  • Support members who have problems in the workplace.
  • Negotiate a safe working environment.
  • Take action against managers who are guilty of unreasonable labour practices.
  • Negotiate improvements in conditions of service.
  • Ensure the employers obey labour laws.
  • Represent members at grievances and disciplinary hearings and investigations.
  • Supply members with information about Conditions of Service and all laws pertaining to the work place which are relevant to members.
  • Represent members on various platforms, such as the South African Local Government Bargaining Council (SALGBC) and Local Labour Forums (LLF), where matters relating to the work place are discussed.
  • Ensure that the interests of members are protected in respect of pension funds, medical aid funds, travel allowances and housing subsidy schemes.
  • Represent and assist members to ensure their posts are correctly evaluated.

Additional benefits of being an IMATU member

Internal Loans

Registered IMATU members could qualify to make use of the IMATU loans scheme, our internal loan scheme with favourable repayment terms. To find out more information about this membership benefit, how to apply and applicable terms and conditions, interested members are requested to contact their Regional Office directly

Ex-Gratia Payments

IMATU will consider payment, at its discretion, of an ex gratia or gift on the death of a member, to that person’s nominated beneficiary.

Group Financial Schemes and Group Insurance Benefits

Metropolitan Group Scheme offers interested IMATU members up to R30 000 family funeral cover as well as access to a number of additional benefits in the form of life cover, education and disability policies. Due to IMATU’s strategic relationship with Metropolitan, our members have access to preferential rates. For more information contact your IMATU Regional Office or Metropolitan Advisors directly on +27 (21) 940 5911

Regional Benefits

IMATU Regions also offer their members benefits specifically available in their Region. These goods and services range from discounted tyres and kitchen installations to reduced prices for specific food items.

Members are encouraged to contact their Regional Office to find out what benefits and discounts are available to them. If you have not yet taken up membership of our dynamic, vibrant trade union, now is the time to click on the “membership” icon on the website and enable us to join you to our world- the only trade union of choice in the municipal and allied workplace- IMATU.