IMATU represents members of all demographic groupings in all 257 municipalities. As one of the fastest growing unions in the country, our membership base is ever increasing. This is due to excellent service delivery members and progressive leadership.

The members are the highest authority in IMATU. Members exercise this authority via their representatives and the National Congress that takes place every 5 years.

The National Executive Council (NEC) is elected from the representatives who attend the Congress. The allocation of representatives is based on the proportional representation of the membership per region.

The NEC elects the National President, Deputy President and four Vice-Presidents. The NEC meet 3 times a year, therefore the day to day affairs of IMATU are dealt with by Portfolio-Committees headed by the President, Deputy President and the four Vice Presidents.

There are four Portfolio Committees namely:
  • Finance Committee

  • Strategic Committee

  • Labour Relations Committee

  • Human Resources and Development Committee